Streamline the Ticketing Process Using State-of-the-Art Tablet and Printer

Writing tickets by hand is time-consuming, increases problems with handwriting errors, creates double entry when returning to the police station and back logs that keep officers off the streets.

Eticketing-Safe automates traffic citations, expedites traffic ticket issuance creating a more efficient process with seamless continuity and integration. Sensys America's state-of-the-art mobile technology allows officers in the field to issue tickets that upload directly to the centralized back office system using a PDA/Tablet and a portable printer. The process is streamlined and takes less time, so the days of double entry are over.

How it Works

Officers digitally upload ticket data from the handheld directly to the convenient, state-of-the-art Pro-Center case management system via cellular or wireless technology. The system also provides a portable printer to print out citations in the field alleviating errors and expediting the process. Save time and eliminate errors with Eticketing-Safe.

Sensys America Eticketing-Safe

Eticketing-Safe Advantages:

  • Improved Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Direct upload to case management
  • Print citations in the field
  • Robust Pro-Center back office software
  • Secure Cloud Solution