Mobile Speed-Safe

Positive driver behavior change results from consistent, reliable enforcement. Drivers slow down when they believe that the consequences of being caught speeding outweigh the benefits exceeding the posted speed limit. A mobile speed enforcement system allows your community to enforce speed limits in targeted problem areas and to create the impression that a driver can be cited anywhere in the community if he dangerously exceeds the posted speed limits.

The mobile speed enforcement system is a very compact self contained unit that can be deployed from the dash or rear window of an enforcement vehicle or operated remotely using a tripod on the side of the road. Setting up the system takes just a couple of minutes. If required, a customized configuration may be made on site via a handheld computer (PDA). The mobile speed enforcement system is a true point-and-shoot device and can function unattended.
Speed enforcement with Sensys America


The small size of the unit enables unobtrusive operation from a patrol car’s dashboard or rear window. The small, ruggedly designed unit can also be placed inconspicuously on a tripod for remote operation. Virtually any road conditions (hills, curves, etc.) can be monitored with simple roadside custom configuration using a handheld computer (PDA).

Mobile Speed-Safe provides law enforcement officers with a world class, light weight, easy set-up and flexible enforcement device that provides years of trouble free operation.


Our mobile speed safety system is a perfect tool for ad-hoc speed enforcement as a response to changing traffic behavior or citizen complints. A tendency for speeding can be diminished when the applicable speed is more strictly enforced on a regular basis. Mobile speed enforcement affords law enforcement the ability to appear to be everywhere at once.