Indisputable Evidence Retrieved with Sensys America's Video-Sec

When an officer is investigating the cause of an accident or a detective faces an unsolved crime, clear high definition video makes all the difference.

How Video-Sec is used:
  • Review crashes to resolve who is at fault
  • Solve crimes such as a high speed car chase
  • Identify burglary suspects
  • Prosecute illegal street racing

Sensys America’s Video-Sec automatically uploads a single image every 60 seconds and stores high-resolution video. By minimizing the streaming data during non-essential time periods, law enforcement has exceptional image quality without overtaxing bandwidth availability. Captured and stored streaming video can be directly accessed, reviewed and downloaded for any specified time period. With Video-Sec, one minute of streaming video can be recalled with a simple mouse click.
Sensys America Video-Sec
With Video-Sec, citizens have peace of mind knowing that there's technology out there protecting them while letting criminals know they're being watched. Sensys America's Video-Sec provides evidence to capture and prosecute.

Video-Sec's Advantages:

  • Live Viewing/Monitoring
  • Retrieve any time period
  • High-resolution digital video
  • Minimal bandwidth
  • Easy DVR retrieval
  • Robust back office software
  • Secure Cloud Solution
  • Court Case Management