Sensys America Inc. Changes Name to NovoaGlobal Inc.

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Today, November 4th, We Launch NovoaGlobal as the New Company Name

Sensys America Inc. officially changes its name to NovoaGlobal Inc. to reflect the company’s broader commitment to traffic safety, public safety and integrated intelligence solutions worldwide. The new company name also reflects the company vision of creating safer communities for our families and its mission to provide non-complex solutions that help organizations make the best use of technology.

NovoaGlobal will continue to support its customers by providing the highest levels of customer service with integrity, flexibility and trust.

The name change is launched on November 4th to commemorate the 100th birthday of the founder’s grandfather, Eduardo Novoa Coghlan. “The name change and launch date are in honor of my grandfather who taught me to be honest, trustworthy and value the importance of our family. Those are values that embrace the foundation of the company. That is why NovoaGlobal is focusing on Creating Safer communities for our Families,” said Carlos Lofstedt, President and CEO of NovoaGlobal.

“The idea was to launch the name change on November 4th, which would have been Eduardo Novoa’s 100th birthday,” continued Carlos Lofstedt. “He passed away shortly before, on September 10th, and is unable to see this day that honors his legacy, but I know he would be proud.” NovoaGlobal will continue to develop cutting edge technology and help save lives, solve crimes and educate citizens every day.


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Our focus on innovation and our customers continues. If you would like immediate assistance or more information, contact NovoaGlobal traffic safety enforcement experts at

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